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Who and What We Are:

The Guitar Coalition of Western North Carolina is a club consisting of guitar players, students, teachers, and enthusiasts. We meet once a month to share ideas and learn from each other. We are social. We are educational. We are motivational.

We are a work in progress that will evolve as we move forward.


The Guitar Coalition of Western North Carolina is committed to promoting guitar education and building community among regional guitar enthusiasts. We are truly a coalition in that members associated with disjointed bands, music schools, and stores cooperate in joint action to further our common cause.


Respect, reflect, and rise.

Respect all genres of music and styles of guitar. Reflect upon what others have shared. Rise above your current level of playing and understanding.

You don't know what you don't know...


What We Do

We meet once a month to exchange ideas and jam. Members, or special guests, present for about 40 minutes - like a workshop. The rest of the time we jam and try to put into practice what was presented. You don't have to be a member to attend meetings. Anyone is welcome.

Jams are not free-for-alls, but are well-organized. Members who bring a small amp and want to participate circle up after the presentation. A mediator plays a backing track (if appropriate) as each participant takes a few measures or choruses. It is a place to try new things and make mistakes without being judged. "Wrong notes" are welcome here! We are learning. It can be very inspiring to see/hear how others incorporate the ideas presented. Sometimes seeing someone else "play it" and being able to talk it out will do wonders for your own understanding.

We also host an annual guitar-themed concert at a local venue featuring members.

Where and When

We meet the last Sunday of every month (unless otherwise noted) in the loft at the Asheville Music School from 4-6pm. The address is 126 College Street, downtown Asheville. If you are "calendar-challenged" - here is a list of our meetings for the 2015-2016 year:

  • May 31 - Pentatonic Workout
  • June 21 (not the last Sunday due to scheduling conflict) - Altered tunings
  • July 26 - Acoustic DADGAD
  • Aug 30 - Diminished Scale
  • Sept 27 - 'The Envelope' chord system
  • Oct 25 - Hybrid Picking
  • Nov 29 - Improvising Over Chord Changes
  • Dec 27 - Blues Chord Substitutions and Shell Voicings
  • Jan 31 - Western Swing Basics
  • Feb 28 - Twisted Pentatonics
  • Mar 27 - Standard Tuning Slide
  • Apr 24 - Getting Dirty with Dominants
  • May 29 - no meeting

What Kind of Material Is Presented

The material presented is different every meeting. Sometimes it's basic and aimed at beginners, sometimes it's a little more advanced. Overall there is something for everyone. Here's a sample of topics that have either been presented already or are planned for the future:

  • Blues Improvisation: The Diminished Scale
  • Creative uses of minor pentatonic scales
  • Enhancing a simple I-IV-V blues progression with chord substitutions
  • Slide guitar 101
  • Spice up rhythm playing with rhythmic motifs and chord voicings
  • Creating modal grooves
  • Improvising with modes
  • Improvising over dominant chords beyond pentatonic and mixolydian
  • Alternate tunings
  • The CAGED system
  • Mobile apps for guitarists
  • Playing texturally
  • Gypsy jazz progressions and rhythms
  • Rockabilly Basics

What Is The Presentation Topic for The Next Meeting?

If you want to know what is presented each month, you have several options:

  • Sign up for our newsletter. You will receive a monthly meeting reminder outlining the topic. No spam!
  • Like our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/gcownc as we create Facebook events for all our meetings.

Free Sample

Here's the handout from our presentation on using the diminished scale. Blues Improvisation: The Diminished Scale

Have an idea for a topic?

Let us know and we'll work up a presentation! Want to be a presenter? Scroll down and check out the Membership section.

One of us one of us...


What's the difference between being a member and attending as a guest?

The short answer is that guests are welcome as observers, but members are participants.



  • Membership dues are $24/year. (That's only $2/month!)
  • Dues are collected every June. Annual membership runs June - May (12 months).
  • New members can join any time at a prorated rate. For example, if you join in November, you would pay $14 to cover November through the following May. In June, you would pay the full $24 for the next year.
  • Payments are accepted in person at monthly meetings.
  • Membership becomes active once we receive your dues payment and a signed membership application.


Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Preferential seating at meetings/workshops
  • Access to meeting handouts/tab
  • Opportunity to present at meetings/workshops
  • Opportunity to participate in meeting jams
  • Opportunity to perform in annual concert
  • Voting rights
  • Right to serve as an officer
  • Opportunity to contribute to newsletter
  • Opportunity to publicize gigs
  • Knowing you are actively building and maintaining your local music community and supporting music education

Maintaining a solid foundation...



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2015-2016 Officers/Executive Board

  • Founder/President: Alec Fehl
  • Vice President: Paul Huemiller
  • Communications Director: Al Schlimm
  • Treasurer: Jay Whitham