​So – just about every music site I see only has the latest and greatest recent stuff. As an educator (and perpetual student) I think it’s important to see where someone has come from. This section showcases music I created as far back as 1985. Some of it pretty good, some of it pretty bad. Hey – tastes change (I like country and jazz now), you expand your knowledge and grow (I understand modes now), and you learn from your mistakes (I never should have sold my M1R or ADA MP-1 preamp – and I shouldn’t have worn that red flannel shirt every day for two years. Seriously. Every day.) I find it interesting to hear how my playing has both changed and stayed the same over all these years. So here’s a bunch of my old stuff. For educational purposes. Warts and all.

The 80's

Learning to shred. Click to explore.

The 90's

Learning to write. Click to explore.

3 Minute World

Learning to listen. Click to explore.