​These songs were written by John Sabino. He’d tell me what he was thinking for a guitar part and sometimes give me a starting riff. I’d come up with the rest of the part from there. John and I recorded them in his bedroom studio on a 4 track reel to reel in Hermosa Beach, CA from 1990 to 1993 (though we wrote music and played together for about 10 years). John sang, played keyboards, and sequenced the bass and drums. I handled all the guitar parts. These 13 tunes are my favorites of the almost 50 songs he and I recorded together. We gigged occasionally as the band 3 Minute World.

​John and I have gotten together a few times since I left California to work together. Here we are in Los Angeles in 2016 recording some demo spots for a car commercial. In 2019, we re-recorded some of our songs from the 90’s at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville. If they ever get mixed and mastered, I’ll post them here.