Now we’ll expand the three-note chord shapes and arpeggios to five-note major pentatonic scales, which consist of root-2-3-5-6.

Pattern 1 (C-form)

Pattern 2 (A-form)

Pattern 3 (G-form)

Pattern 4 (E-form)

Pattern 5 (D-form)

D Major Pentatonic in All 5 Patterns

Each pattern lasts for 10 bars.

  • Bar 1: Hold the chord
  • Bars 2-5: Play the scale
  • Bars 6-9: Improvise/noodle
  • Bar 10: Hold the chord
  1. Watch the video
  2. Play along with the video, though it’ll get messy when we’re both noodling
  3. Play along with the backing track